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William Wallace :: essays research papers fc

William Wallace is considered to be â€Å"Scotland’s greatest hero† (McHale). In order to appreciate the true value of freedom one must understand the hardships and trials people faced in order to obtain that freedom. William Wallace was a freedom fighter. He went through many trials and tribulations during his life. William Wallace’s family came from Wales. William was not even Scottish (Fish). Yet he had the strength and courage to stand up for what he thought was right. William Wallace was born in a little town called Elerslie, in Scotland, around January 1272. â€Å"He was the second of three sons to Sir Malcolm Wallace† (Waters). His mother taught him his basic education, until he was six to seven years of age (Chung). At this time and age, the second male son of a family was obligated, by tradition, to obtain education by a clergy member of a monastery, and eventually become a clergy member himself. It is unknown, by historians, how William averted this tradition (Ewart). During this time the English king, Edward Plantagenet I, also called Edward de Longshanks (McHale), was taking over Scotland. The king of England issued all the people of Scotland to pay homage to him. Sir Malcolm Wallace was entirely against this. He made this widely known. He eventually became titled as an outlaw by King Edward, and was on the run from the English along with his oldest son Malcolm. Sir Reginald de Crauford, William’s grandfather, administered the homage to be paid to Edward I and noticed that his son-in-law’s name did not appear on the list that he compiled (Chung). He sent his daughter and grandsons to Cambuskenneth Abbey in Dunipace to live with Sir Malcolm’s younger brother who was a cleric there. This is where William received the remainder of his education. â€Å"His uncle instilled in him moral maxims compactly framed in Latin, and referred frequently to the great classic authors† (McHale). At the monastery he learned the passion a nd love of liberty he so frequently displayed as an adult. By the time William completed his education his father died. Sir Malcolm was murdered by an English knight, named Fenwick. The news of William’s father’s death spread quickly. A few months after, William was branded an outlaw, because he killed a man taunting him of his father’s death. This started whole slew of killings and Wallace’s rebellion against the English. Williams Wallace first appears in history early in 1297.

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Investigating the effectiveness of Mobile Antivirus Application on Android and Windows Mobile Phone Essay

Chapter 1: Anti-virus Applications on Mobile Devices Mobile phone anti-virus software refers to security software programs which have been professionally developed to protect device users from viruses, worms, Trojans and other malicious programs and removing them where possible. Anti-virus software programs have lately gained popularity due the increased incidences of malicious threats of attack on the web. There are several new viruses that are detected on a day to day basis on the cyberspace. While some of these viruses may be harmless, others are annoying and quite destructive. Certain viruses replicate themselves, but others may cause serious problems to the extent of erasing all data on a device drive. The use of anti-virus for device protection can be applied to multiple operating systems including Mobile Windows and Android mobile phones (iSoftwareReviews 2010). Antivirus software works in various technical ways to give protection to and remove viruses from mobile devices. This normally occur through two security scanning functions namely On-Access Scanning and On-Demand Scanning. The On-Access scanning works in real-time to ensure a mobile device is protected at all times by monitoring for viruses to any accessing in the mobile device, for example while opening a file or opening an application. Despite of the fact that this software slows down the speed of a device, its role in antivirus protection is so critical and should thus be enabled at all times. On-Demand Scanning offers antivirus protection only when activated to scan any particular area, folder, file, or drive. The program then provides a scan report about how many viruses that have been found in the scanned item. In the event that a virus is detected, the program will notify the user and recommend an action which includes either to deleting or quarantine the virus (iSoftwareRevie ws 2010). The rapidly increasing advancements of mobile phone technology to include a number of useful features have made android and windows mobile phones very popular pocket personal computers. This increased popularity has not however come with its own setbacks. Just like the ordinary personal computers, android and windows mobile phones have also been subjected to increased viruses attack. Virus attack has therefore become the latest and single biggest threat to the mobile phone industry. Subsequently, numerous companies dealing in software have come up with anti-virus for use in the android and windows mobile phones. These are mainly anti-virus software packages developed to provide anti-virus protection to mobile phones (iSoftwareReviews 2010). There are a number of anti-virus software programs for mobile phones that are available to the users. The main mobile phone anti-virus software includes AhnLab Mobile Security, Avast! PDA Edition, Avira Antivir Mobile, BitDefender Mobile Security, BullGuard Mobile Antivirus, Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite, F-Secure Mobile Security, Kaspersky Mobile Security, and Norton Smartphone Security. AhnLab Mobile Security software provides a solution for viruses and worms protection and removal. It runs under windows mobile and android mobile phones. Avast! PDA Edition is an antivirus protection for PalmOS and Windows CE, Android phones, and Pocket PC based devices (iSoftwareReviews 2010). Avira AntiVir Mobile provides professional virus and malware protection for pocket PCs, Windows mobile and Android mobile phones. BitDefender Mobile Security provides solution for virus protection and removal for PDAs and Smartphone that run on Windows mobile or Android mobile phones. BullGuard Mobile Antivirus provides solutions for protecting Pocket PCs and Windows mobile against viruses and other malicious programs. Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite is designed to provide anti-virus security solutions for pocket PCs that runs on Windows Mobile operating system. F-Secure Mobile Security is a complete mobile security software package that includes anti-virus, anti-spyware, a firewall and a remote control anti-theft feature for protection. Kaspersky Mobile Security also provides a complete protection package including Anti-theft protection, virus protection, firewall and anti-spam for SMS, EMS, and MMS. Norton Smartphone Security offers anti-virus, anti-spam, and firewall for Windows mobi le and Android mobile protection (iSoftwareReviews 2010). Protecting an android and window mobile phone from attack requires a complete understanding of all application communication. This is important because software can only protect a device if and only if it is able to read the same information as the mobile phone device, subsequently application layer threats. It may not be possible within the technological framework for antivirus software to understand application communications or analyse application behaviour through the deep inspection of intrusion prevention packets, whether on individual basis or when reassembled into their original sequence. Similarly, network-level antivirus may detect a small number of known, easily identifiable security threats by simply examining pre-programmed patterns (Citrix Systems 2006).   Installation of antivirus is the best known way of protecting android and windows mobile phones. The best types of antivirus are the application firewalls since they operate at the application layer instead of the network level. The application firewalls are able to enforce correct application behaviour while preventing any malicious activity. This is because the firewalls are able to inspect the actual internet communication and understand the context of all client requests and application responses through which they are sent to the internet. A complete mobile phone security application needs to offer full protection of all the elements of an application as well as users of the application. In most cases however, security applications for mobile phones are only limited to the application programme and application data (Citrix Systems 2006). Thesis Statement Despite web devices continuing to face significant security threats, mobile phones go completely unprotected while web browsing, downloading applications, checking e-mail, conducting online banking and connecting to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. While mobile attacks are increasing rapidly and hackers are financially motivated to steal data, identities, and intercept corporate communications, it has become critical to protect mobile devices such as android phone and Windows phones. Background of the study Smartphone security is the process of preventing and detecting unauthorized use of your system. Prevention measures help you to stop unauthorized users (also known as â€Å"intruders†) from accessing any part of your mobile phone system. Detection helps you to determine whether or not someone attempted to break into your system, if they were successful, and what they may have done. We use android and windows mobile for everything from banking and investing to shopping and communicating with others through email or chat programs.   Although you may not consider your communications â€Å"top secret,† you probably do not want strangers reading your email, using your phone to attack other systems, sending forged email from your phone, or examining personal information stored on your phone (such as financial statements). There are a variety of antivirus software packages that operate in many different ways, depending on how the vendor chose to implement their software. What they have in common, though, is that they all look for patterns in the files or memory of your Smartphone that indicate the possible presence of a known virus. Antivirus packages know what to look for through the use of virus profiles (sometimes called â€Å"signatures†) provided by the vendor. New viruses are discovered daily. The effectiveness of antivirus software is dependent on having the latest virus profiles installed on your Smartphone so that it can look for recently discovered viruses. It is important to keep these profiles up to date. Chapter 2: Android Phone Emulators An android mobile phone is a phone fitted with a set of software consisting of operating systems, middleware and other major applications. The main features of android include application framework for facilitating reuse and replacement of components, Dalvik virtual machine which is optimised for mobile devices, optimised graphics, an integrated browser, media tools for common audio, video and still image formats, SQLite for structured data storage, and GSM Telephony. Other features include Bluetooth, Camera, and Rich development consisting of a device emulator, tools for debugging, memory and performance profiling. Android technology is dependent on Linux version 2.6 to power the main system servicing including security, memory management, process management, network stack, and driver models (Android Developers 2010). Android technology is made up of a multi-process system in which each application runs in its own process. A standard Linux facility is responsible for coordinating security between different applications such as user and group identifications assigned to the applications in Android mobile phone. The crux of the security applications is on the basis of the concept that no application, by default, has access to perform any operation with a potential of adversely impacting on other applications, the operating system, or the user. The applications that the Linux facility must grant permission include reading or writing the user’s private data, reading or writing another application’s file, performing network access, and keeping the device awake. The permission that an application requires is statistically declared in that application so that Linux facility can master the upfront during installation and not subject to change thereafter (Android Developers 2010). The antivirus software for mobile forms utilises various virus detection methods. The two main virus detection methods include signature based detection and behaviour based detection. Signature Based Detection makes use of virus signatures dictionary to compare the files when checking for viruses. A signature dictionary is a database containing very many virus signatures which the software manufacturer has so far found. The user is expected to continually update the virus signature directory as when new viruses, worms, Trojans, and other malicious programs appear. Failure to update the dictionary may lead to failure of the software to detect emerging viruses. The behaviour Based Detection is designed to monitor and control any activities in the device system for suspicious program behaviour. In the event that a suspicious behaviour is detected, the software probes further into that suspicious behaviour by applying the signature based detection to countercheck whether the activity is malicious or not. In the event that the suspicious program is malicious, an alert will be generated to notify the user. Android emulator is a virtual mobile device which runs on a phone system and allows the user to prototype, develop, and test android applications for possible malicious programs without necessarily using a physical device. This device mimics all the hardware and software features of a phone save for the fact that it cannot receive or make a call. As soon as a particular application starts to run on the emulator, it may make use of the services of the android platform to invoke other applications, access the network, and notify the user. The emulators also contain various debug capabilities like console from which the user can log kernel output, simulate application interrupts, and simulate latency effects and dropouts on the data channel (Android developers 2010). As stated earlier, android utilises a multi-process system in which each and every application runs on its own process. Since majority of the security between applications is granted at the process level, android emulators provide more detailed security features through a permission mechanism that enforces restriction on the specific operations that any particular process can perform and permission for granting ad-hoc access to specific pieces of data. While the emulators ensures that no application acts in a manner that can adversely affect another application, it is still possible for an application to encroach into the actions of another application as long as permission is forehand obtained in order to perform the foreign function not provided by the basic nucleus (Vennon 2010). The android emulators can also disallow these extraneous permissions on the basis of the certificates that were used to sign the application or by simply prompting the user. The permission that an application will require to function outside its nucleus is statistically declared by the emulators within the application and will be relayed to the Smartphone user, and the permission will not change. The android emulators consider malware to be malicious software designed to infiltrate a Smartphone system without the user’s informed consent (Vennon 2010).

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The Patriot Movie Review Essay - 1231 Words

The Patriot Movie Review I. Title- The Patriot Production Date- June 28th 2000 Major Characters- Benjamin Martin: Mel Gibson Gabriel Martin: Heath Ledger Charlotte Selton: Joely Richardson Johnny Issacs: William Tavington Lisa Brenner: Anne Howard Charles Cornwallis: Tom Wilkinson II. Movie Summary: The Patriot takes place during the Revolutionary War. Its 1776 and intense fighting is going on in the north, while in the south the people are scrambling to recruit anyone who was willing to fight against the British. The main character, Benjamin Martin, is a veteran of the French and Indian war who†¦show more content†¦Martins army however overcomes much adversity, and plays a large part in the Continental effort. They later join up with the main Continental Army, and along with the long awaited arrival of the French, force Cornwallis and the British to surrender at Yorktown. Benjamin also gets his revenge by killing Tavington in the battle. This spells victory for the Americans and personal victory for Benjamin Martin. After the white flag is raised Martin returns to his family to rebuild his house and his life. III. As a result of the harsh treatment and strict regulations put on the colonists by the British such as the Boston Massacre, the Tea Act, Stamp Act, and other taxes, the colonists were ready for a change. They are tired of being controlled by a government on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, and are ready to start fighting for their freedom. The colonists form many rebellious groups such as the Sons of Liberty, to protest and rebel against the British involvement in their country. They hold meetings and help carry out acts against the British such as the Boston Tea Party. When the British dont change their ways it is time for war. The fighting starts at Lexington and Concord in the spring of 1775 with the first shots being fired. People all over wanted to help in the war effort by joining the army and forming small militia groups to fight the British. Benjamin Martins army was one of these groups. The British won many battlesShow MoreRelatedMovie Review : The Patriot1220 Words   |  5 PagesWhen asked to watch a history movie and write a research paper about it, I was nervous. Normally, I choose a comedy or chick flick when it comes to movies. However, my husband is the exact opposite and loves a good history or war movie. It was his idea for me to watch The Patriot that was released in 2000 for my paper. After watching the movie, I was very impressed. I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a whole lot. This movie taught me so much about the Revolutionary War thatRead MoreMovie Review : Movie Analysis Of The Movie The Patriot853 Words   |  4 Pagesother people who don’t have any land at all. In the movie, â€Å"The Patriot†, the setting took place during the Revolutionary War, or the American Revolution, in South Carolina during the late 1770’s. The British were fighting the colonists at that time and one major character in the movie, named Benjamin Martin, fought during the American Revolution. Later, the A mericans won their independence in 1781. First of all, this movie is called â€Å"The Patriot† because the Americans were loyal to their countryRead More Casablanca as Political Propaganda Essay1082 Words   |  5 Pagesthe bombing of Pearl Harbor and the United States entrance into World War Two, although there was plenty of anti-Nazism sentiment, the movie fueled these feelings. There is pro-Allied forces propaganda to support the war, from the scene with La Marseillaise, to the characters of Renault and Rick, and to the last scene. Although the majority of the French patriots were elated to sing their national anthem, it created tension with the German soldiers who imposed their patriotic songs on the crowdRead MoreEssay about Historical Accuracy of the Patriot950 Words   |  4 PagesHistory 122 – American History to 1877 Jason Dickson Historical Movie Review: The Patriot The movie, The Patriot, is the story of a South Carolina plantation owner, Benjamin Martin, who leads a local militia against British troops in the South during the beginning of the American Revolutionary War. Martin, who is a widower with six children and a veteran of the French and Indian War, wants nothing to do with the war until a brutal British Colonel, William Tavington, kills one of his sonsRead MoreReflections on the First Amendment Paper1627 Words   |  7 Pagesauthority to sanction radio or television stations broadcasting material that is obscene, indecent, or profane. Though the censorship ban under Section 326 precludes editing proposed broadcasts in advance, the ban does not deny the FCC the power to review the content of completed broadcasts. † In addition, the Supreme Court pronounced that, â€Å"broadcast materials have limited First Amendment protection because of the uniquely pervasive presence that radio and television occupy in the lives of peopleRe ad MoreStanley Kubricks Dr. Strangelove Essay925 Words   |  4 PagesReview of Dr. Strangelove, Or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) Stanley Kubrick is infamous for his witty films that satire governmental and societal actions though history. In this film, Dr. Strangelove, Or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964), Kubrick is once again directing a film that is a biting, sardonic comedy that pokes fun at the nuclear fears of the 1950s. The screenplay for the movie was written by Stanley Kubrick and Terry Southern, and wasRead MorePatriot or Traitor1102 Words   |  5 PagesCritical Review: Patriot or Traitor Essentials of Canadian History February 9, 2016 Jacques Godbout is a Quebecois historian, author, and filmmaker as well as the great-nephew of Adelard Godbout. He sets out to create a documentary to explore the work of his great-uncle who was once the Premier of Quebec, who has somehow been lost in the history books. This documentary is titled â€Å"Patriot or Traitor†, because Jacques openly provides the information on his great-uncle that allows the viewerRead MoreRemembering 9/11 through the Lens of Hollywood: A Detailed Analysis1240 Words   |  5 PagesFrom the PATRIOT Act of 2001 that was signed into law by the formal President George W. Bush, to the flags that fluttered in the front yard of every American’s house, the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 brought the whole nation together for a single goal of fighting back terrorism and getting through the test that America was put to. Everybody’s loyalty is getting tested since then towards the United States, and one cannot put aside Hollywood. Its r eaction through the movies contributed theRead MoreHow Al Qaeda Influenced Homeland Security2487 Words   |  10 Pageswithin the United States after September 11, 2001 when the group was responsible for one of the most devastating attack on the lower 48 states. The days to follow the attack are fundamentally responsible for the development and enactment of the Patriot Act by the United States. This attack in September 2001 involved the multiple Al Qaeda groups hijacking four aircraft and then using them as weapons by causing collisions with prominent and heavily populated buildings in New York City, New YorkRead MoreEssay about The NSA, Privacy and the War or Terrorism1555 Words   |  7 Pagesto their phone calls. Then, in 1986, under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the government extended the same protection to include emails. However, when the terrorists attacked in 2001, Bush immediately passed the Patriot Act in response. In section 215 of the Patriot Act, it allows the government to collect information regarding terrorist threats. Basically, the outcome of the Act resulted in easier access to information about any individual. Then in 2005, people of foreign countries began

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A Brief Note On The Local Business Industry - 1451 Words

Unit 1 Different business †¢ Local - Kabin is a local business which is located in Halifax town which is local to where we are from. †¢ National – Morrison’s which a UK national business is so there are no stores located anywhere else in the world. †¢ International – Asda/Walmart is an international store which sells everything all around the world. Describe the 3 different sectors in businesses †¢ Private – a private company is something that is owned by a private individual. Their main aim is to make a huge profit so they can spend all the money on their selves. The owners have a full decision of who they want to work for them. Most private business usually wants to grow their business to gain a whole lot of profit. For example McDonalds owner is 100% private so all the profit that he makes goes straight to him. Some business also makes relationships with other businesses if this will make them achieve bigger profit. †¢ Public – public businesses means that their business is not owned by them and shows that it is in fact state owned. The main aim of this sector is to achieve service that the public can also benefit the public more than them. Most businesses that are used in public businesses are mainly paid by the government. For example royal mails make profit however any profit that is made is reinvested again into the business. †¢ Not for profit – non for profit is organisation such as RSPCA who help put animals in a home and look after them. From doing this it means thatShow MoreRelatedBrief21530 Words   |  7 PagesBRIEF 2 1 International Marketing Brief Two: Profile of Bolivia Kellie West Global Marketing MKTG450-H1WW (WI15) Professor Bruce Trumm 11 April 2015 BRIEF 2 2 Profile of Bolivia In order to better understand opportunities for U.S. made chemical pumps in Bolivia, it is important to become familiar with the geography, culture, people, and economy of the nation. With numerous indigenous tribes counted among the population and challenging geographic regions, Bolivia could make a challenging tradeRead MoreThe Speakers Speech on Trade Issues1454 Words   |  6 Pagesabout the impact of trade. 63 % of Americans stated that they believed that trade agreements with foreign countries are a principal cause of lost jobs and a lower standard of living in this country (US-China Trade Imbalance, 2012, US-China Media Brief). However, price remains a driving factor in Americans selection of purchases. What happens when there is a surplus of imports brought into the U.S.? The results are not necessarily catastrophic. For example, Americas dependency on China is particularlyRead MoreSources of Business Ideas1251 Words   |  6 PagesEconomics Business Politics Sociology IB Diploma Law RE Management History Geography English Teaching Learning Powered by Leeds Metropolitan University GCSE Business Studies GCSE Revision Note Home | Business Studies Revision Quizzes | Business Studies Blog Starting a business - sources of business ideas Author: Jim Riley Last updated: Sunday 23 September, 2012 Starting a Business - Sources of business ideas Where does an entrepreneur come up with the idea for his/her business? In practiceRead MoreAssignment Brief Unit 9 Creative Product Promotion 1 1465 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿BRAESIDE HIGH SCHOOL BUSINESS DEPARTMENT BTEC NATIONAL DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS UNIT 9: CREATIVE PRODUCT PROMOTION Assignment Brief Title: Creative product promotion Date set : 23TH April 2015 Handing Dates : 30 TH JUNE 2015 Learning Outcomes On completion of this unit a learner should: 1. Know the constituents of the promotional mix 2. Understand the role of promotion within the marketing mix 3. Understand the role of advertising agencies and the media 4. Be able to create a simple promotionalRead MoreMarketing Performance Review : Marketing974 Words   |  4 PagesMarketing Director to report quarterly on marketing strategies implemented by aligning business outcomes, i.e. units sold, during review period against prior set targets. Also to be considered is direction and influence marketing strategies have on company vision of being a ‘local, organic and sustainable’ producer, i.e. is marketing through large retailers detracting from public opinion that Alissa’s Artichokes is a local producer. Metrics to be reported: Activity Wholesale Large Retail Online RestaurantsRead MoreGlobal Business : Franchising Of Brazil1713 Words   |  7 PagesGlobal Business - Franchising in Brazil 1. Country Background 1.1 Brazil - Federative Republic of Brazil 1.2 Neighboring countries include Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela (â€Å"Country Report – Brazil,† 2015). 1.3 The territorial size of the country is 8,515,800 sq. km 1.4 Brazil’s population is 201,032,714 (â€Å"Country Report – Brazil,† 2015). 1.5 Brazil’s political system is a federal republic and its Constitution confers powers toRead More day spa marketing plan Essay1302 Words   |  6 Pages Industry Overview: There are an estimated 12,100 spas throughout the United States. In the U.S. the largest spa category, accounting for seven of every ten spas, is day spa. Resort and hotel spas are the second largest, with club spas, medical spas, mineral spring spas and destination spas respectively trailing. Geographically speaking, the distribution of spas in the U.S. generally parallels that of the population distributions with the largest region being the North East. According to the ISPARead MoreThe Financial Health Of And Air Asia Essay1238 Words   |  5 Pagesfollows: †¢ First, a brief discussion of the history of commercial aviation in Malaysia †¢ Second, a presentation of the financial ratios comparing MAS and Air Asia †¢ Third, a discussion and comments of the financial ratios for MAS and Air Asia †¢ Strengths and weakness of Air Asia The Airline Industry The airline industry exists in an intensely competitive market. In recent years, there has been an industry-wide shakedown, which will have far-reaching effects on the industry s trend towards expandingRead MoreZipcar1314 Words   |  6 Pagesabsence of a focus on building-up assets. These are significant issues to be addressed before any attempts should be made to raise second round funding for expansion capital. THE MARKET FOR CAR SHARING Before discussing Zipcar’s problematic issues, a brief examination of the market in which the company is operating in is important to put the situation in perspective. The concept of organized car sharing originated in Switzerland in 1987, and has since gained popularity in neighboring regions. ConsequentlyRead MoreCostco1416 Words   |  6 PagesAppendix Content Company’s External Environment (External) (2-line Conclusion: the attractiveness of the industry and key insights from 1-6) 1. Key economic and industry variables: Industry analysis (provide data to support): a. Market Size * $125 billion discount warehouse and wholesale club segment of North America consists of: Costco, Sam s club, Bj s. * Warehouse Club Sales In North America: Costco 56% , Sam s club 36%, Bj s 8% b. Scope of Rivalry

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Essay on Framers View of the Constitution - 1489 Words

Our history has always been about doing this differently. It has been our desire since the infancy of our nation to create the most uniquely successful geographical brotherhood that had ever been witnessed. This began with the â€Å"city on a hill†, was fueled by the American Revolution, but was culminated by the United States Constitution. Years in the making, the product of a successful war but a failure known as the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution has been the pride and joy of our nation since its creation. However, America has changed much in 235 years. The Internet has come to not only exist but encompass many aspects of our daily life, muskets have made way to weapons that can be hidden in clothes and disperse over a dozen†¦show more content†¦This theory was also carried over into the legislative branch, where the public opinion was foregone in favor of elected and appointed lawmakers (recall that the early Senators were appointed by their respectiv e state’s legislature). Another was the militant nature of their world. Still entrenched in the difficult life of the pioneer era, the Revolution was a sign of a wonderful future but a still exceedingly difficult present, and ensuring the protection of our newborn nation was a huge priority. Though that appears similar to the present-day psychology of a nation at war with terrorists, it is the monumental difference between knowing who was enemy and friend then, and believing anyone can be an enemy today. It is clear that the Framers lived in a completely different world than the modern-day American, but that in and of itself does not prove the obsolescence of the Constitution. The Constitution was inherently designed to last forever. The original Bill of Rights specified freedoms and liberties in a vagueness that, ideally, created a clear-cut definition of any ideological dispute but also left room for evolution. But, were they successful? Is the Constitution a truly timeless document? For the purposes of this particular debate, we will focus on the First, Second, and Fourth Amendments of the Constitution; these threeShow MoreRelatedThe Constitution Is Revered For Both Its Age And Its Brevity944 Words   |  4 PagesThe U.S Constitution is revered for both its age and its brevity. The Constitution is a short and concise document has been able to stand the test of time and it has remained the ultimate guide of principles for law creation and enforcement. With that being said, the words of the Constitution are unclear in many respects. Politicians have debates over the Constitution due to the reason that it is difficult to figure out what the Framers meant when they originally wrote the Constitution. AccordingRead MoreThe Debate On Constitutional Interpretation1730 Words   |  7 Pagesthe argument over how the Constitution should be read has varied, from the strict textualist approach to the most lenient, the instrumentalist position. The Constitution has long been referred to in terms of being a living or dead document, and its interpretation has significant ramifications on this country’s legal climate. This paper will analyze and compare two different forms of Constitutional interpretation: originalism and activism. While the intent of the Framers should certainly not be ignoredRead MoreTheu.s. Constitution Vs. The Constitution1399 Words   |  6 PagesThe U.S Constitution was written by James Madison and was ratified on July 21, 1788. Ever since people had trouble determining how it should be interpreted. When judges interpret the constitution, they are interpreting new facts to an established law that has been given meaning and has a historical background. Many people argue that it should be read how it was written who are known as Originalists. Then there are people who believe that the Constitution evolves as society does and they are knownRead MoreConstitutional Interpretation Essay1012 Words   |  5 Pagesfrom â€Å"How to Read the Constitution† by Christopher Wolfe, and different source’s from Internet. I will start by giving what Wolfe says originalism is, and then I will give some background to other ways to interpret the constitution, and the founders and interpretation and I will finish up with my view on originalism and non-originalism and the critics to that. Wolfe on Originalism Wolfe says that originalism is a two-fold doctrine. First, it holds that the constitution is generally intelligibleRead MoreUnruly Americans And The Origins Of The Constitution1677 Words   |  7 Pagesmain purpose behind the book Unruly Americans and the Origins of the Constitution, by Woody Holton is to demonstrate the authors view on the true intent of the Framers when writing the Constitution. Although at first glance the book may seem to uphold the idea that the framers wrote the Constitution in order to protect civil liberties, Holton has a different opinion. To avoid a one sided book, the author not only looks at the framers intent, but the struggles facing the American people. This bookRead MoreHoltons Interpretation Of The FramersDistrust Of Tyranny?1584 Words   |  7 PagesUnruly Americans and the Origins of the Constitution that the Framers’ creation of the Constitution represented a â€Å"slur on the capacity of ordinary citizens† to govern themselves by placing the power of the National Government into the hands of the opulent few (Holton, Unruly Americans, 278). Is Holton’s interpretation of the Framers’ intentions equitable, or has he treated the delegates unfairly in neglecting the democratic elements of the document and the Framers’ distrust of tyranny? Section I arguesRead MoreHow Democratic Is The U.s. Constitution1506 Words   |  7 Pagesthe drafting of the U.S. Constitutions in 1787. These laws helped established America s national government and fundamental laws as well as guaranteed our citizens equal rights. Robert Dahl brought new light on the issue of how our nation views the U.S. Constitution and h ow effective it came to be. Most importantly, there is the possibility that Americans have the ability to alter the Constitution when it is needed. In Dahl’s book â€Å"How Democratic is the U.S. Constitution?†, he makes us think deeperRead MoreThe Articles Of Confederation During The Revolutionary War1075 Words   |  5 Pagesvotes of the people, the people cast their own direct votes. Before the creation of the Constitution, the U.S. government created The Articles of Confederation during the Revolutionary War period. Inside the Articles of Confederation, there was no mention of an executive branch. There was also no blueprint for a president, and; no method for choosing a president for the entire nation. In 1789, The Constitution replaced The Articles of Confederation, and the country became a representative democracyRead MoreConstitutional Interpretation of Checks and Balances Essay1671 Words   |  7 PagesInterpretation of Checks and Balances The problem of interpreting the Constitution and framer’s intent is a constantly permeating and troublesome question in the minds of Supreme Court Justices, judges, prominent politicians, and policy makers alike. It is a problem that has been pondered for years and years in the courtrooms and on paper with no real conclusion. One such essay arguing this dilemma is â€Å"How Not to Read the Constitution† by Laurence H. Tribe and Michael C. Dorf, who explore the questionsRead MoreUnlike Fisher, John Yoo Believes That The Intention Of1280 Words   |  6 Pages Unlike Fisher, John Yoo believes that the intention of the framer was to lay out a Constitution that would evolve with time. He is not stating that the Constitution does not hold true but rather that because of different circumstances during these times that the Constitution should not be followed word for word. This is why Yoo’s believes that the President can hold power to declare and terminate war and has because Congress has allowed the President to make these decisions. He acknowledges

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Earth Science Essay Example For Students

Earth Science Essay The 8 most common elements in the earths crust are Oxygen, Silicon, Aluminum, Iron, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, ; Magnesium. They compose 98.5% of the total crust. A mineral occurs naturally, is a soli, inorganic, has chemical composition and a crystalline structure. Native minerals are single elements. Compounds are 2 or more. There are more compound than native. You can identify minerals by color, streak, luster, hardness, cleavage, and fracture. Minerals form by magma erupting and forming lava then cooling. They can also form by evaporation of water containing dissolved ions. Silicates are the most common group of minerals found in the earths crust. The structure of minerals are orderly. They form crystalline. A crystalline has flat faces and smooth surfaces. Igneous rocks are formed from magma. If they are intrusive (plutonic), they have large crystals and cooled slowly. If they are extrusive, they cool quickly, have fined grain. 9) Gabbro is also a mafic rock and phaneritic, consist of mosaic of large, macroscopic crystals, shiny luster and rough surfaces. It is formed by slow crystallization of magma at considerable depth below the surface. 10) Felsite (rhyolite) is felsic and aphanitic, is made of mosaic of microscopic crystals, dull luster and smoother surfaces. Formed from rapid crystallization of magma, at or near the surface or in chilled margins. 11) Granite is a felsic rock which is phaneritic, it is mosaic of large, macroscopic crystals, shiny luster, and rough surfaces. It is formed by slow crystallization of magma, at a considerable depth below the surface. 12) Felsite Porphyry is a felsic/intermediate rock which is aphanitic porphyritic, it has large crystals embedded in aphanitic matrix. It is formed by two-stage crystallization, first slow crystallization, then rapied crystallization near the surface. 13) Basalt Porphyry is a mafic rock and is aphanitic porphyritic, it has large crystals embedded in aphanitic matrix and is formed in two-stage crystallization, first slow crystallization, then rapid crystallization near the surface. III. The oldest intrusion on the diagram is granite. Granite is a felsic rock which is phaneritic, it is mosaic of large, macroscopic crystals, shiny luster, and rough surfaces. It is formed by slow crystallization of magma, at a considerable depth below the surface. The type of intrusion here is a batholith which is a large mass of igneous rock that formed when magma was emplaced at depth, crystallized, and subsequently exposed by erosion. The second oldest rock type is basalt. Basalt is a mafic rock and aphanitic, it is mosaic of microscopic crystals, has dull luster and smoother surfaces. Created from rapid crystallization of magma, at or near the surface or in chilled margins. The type of intrusion represented here is a sill. It was formed when magma was injected along sedimentary bedding surfaces. The third oldest is gabbro. ) Gabbro is also a mafic rock and phaneritic, it consist of mosaic of large, macroscopic crystals, shiny luster and rough surfaces. It is formed by slow crystallization of magma at considerable depth below the surface. The type of intrusion represented here is a laccolith, which is a massive ingneous body intruded between preexisting strata. The youngest is felsite porphyry. Felsite Porphyry is a felsic/intermediate rock which is aphanitic porphyritic, it has large crystals embedded in aphanitic matrix. It is formed by two-stage crystallization, first slow crystallization, then rapid crystallization near the surface. This type of intrusion is called a dike. It was produced when magma was injected into fractures that cut across rock layers .

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Bus/210 Week 8 Assignment Developing Good Business Sense free essay sample

Name: Date: 04/28/2011 Course: BUS/210 Assignment: Developing Good Business Sense ? BUS/210 Week 8 Assignment Developing Good Business Sense There are three fast food restaurants that I chose as the businesses for this assignment; Sonic Drive-In, McDonalds, and Kentucky Fried Chicken. All three of these businesses are fast food restaurants. Sonic Drive-In is a curb side restaurant in which car hops bring the customer’s order to their car. McDonald and Kentucky Fried Chicken are both dine-in sit down restaurants that also offer a drive-thru window in car service. The three businesses have similar operations involved in their inputs. The main goal of the employees is to make high quality fast food. While Sonic Drive-In prepares their menu items as they are ordered, McDonalds and KFC precook there items and use heat lamps to keep the food warm. McDonalds and KFC organize their employees in a very similar manner, while Sonic Drive-In is slightly different. We will write a custom essay sample on Bus/210 Week 8 Assignment Developing Good Business Sense or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page McDonald’s and KFC utilizes the cook stay to prep and cook all the food items, the front counter and drive through staff run the registers, take order prepare drinks, and sack or tray customers’ orders. Assistant Managers and managers help out in all positions and oversee all operations of the restaurant. Sonic Drive organizes their cooks and Managers in a similar way, the difference is that Sonic Drive-In does not utilize a front customer counter and register. Sonic utilizes a curbside menu’s and speaker system for customers to place their orders. Carhops replace the counter help normal seen at traditional fast food restaurants. The carhops deliver the orders to the customer’s car. Sonic Drive-In allows their customers to custom order their menu items any way the customer wants. They also offer over 350,000 different drink combinations. That is something that is not offer by any other national fast food chain. The OMM costs of these three restaurants are very similar. The all three of them have operating costs such as rent, utilities, inventory, franchise fees, royalty fees and labor. I found it surprising that all three restaurants actually do not own the property that they are on. All three of them own the restaurants but rent the land that there restaurants operate on. With all three of these restaurants, the time of years and the weather have a huge effect on their sales volume. The lower their sales volume the higher percent of operating cost that they have. During the winter, sales are at their low and in the summer they are at their high. Each restaurant experiences high profits during the summer months and low profits during the winter months. Operating cost such as inventory and labor are the biggest monthly expense from all three restaurants. Since all three of these restaurants belong to national franchise chains they are required to pay franchise fees and royalty fees each month. The manager at Sonic Drive-In stated that their franchise and royalty fees are determine by their net sales each month. They are required to pay 15 percent of their net sales for franchise fees and 10 percent of their net sale for royalties. The manager at Sonic Drive-in also Stated that they are doing very good if they can profit 15 percent of their sales each month after paying all the expenses, and the best way to do that is by controlling the inventory and labor expenses. The managers of McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken were unwilling to release any of their business information to me. While the manger of sonic Drive-In was willing to answer some question, they were very restrictive of the information they did give. The way McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Sonic Drive-In all three conduct their business is very similar. They are designed to produce quality fast food at a price that is considered a value to the customer. They each use the small batch operating system to make customized products. In all three case their own customized food for individual customer orders. KFC makes small batches of fried chicken that is to be sold to individual customers. Because the time it takes to make the fried chicken, KFC cooks batches throughout the day so that it is ready when the customer orders it. This reduces the waiting time for the customer. McDonalds precooks their hamburgers and makes the sandwiches when the customer orders to reduce the waiting time for their customers. Sonic Drive-In cooks the customer’s food when it is ordered, but states that none of their menu items take more than three minute to cook, therefore the wait time for the customer should not exceed three minutes. All three of these businesses focus on delivering fast quality food at an affordable price to keep their customers satisfied and insure they maintain repeat business. This is what keeps their sales value up and allows them to be a profitable business.